A Reasonable Defense

With honest and vetted legal advice, Frank A. Quatrino & Associates, LLC helps mitigate the worst outcomes of criminal charges and resolves the toughest family law matters.

Attorney Frank A. Quatrino, in ForbesWhen someone is facing a criminal case, they often feel like it’s the end of the world,” says attorney Frank Quatrino. “It’s nerve-wracking to be arrested. Being charged with a crime is serious, but it doesn’t mean the individual is going to prison for the rest of their life. When a potential client calls me for a free consultation, the firrst thing we do is talk through the realities of their situation. They usually feel better after that conversation, because they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

For the past 16 years, Quatrino, through his prior offices and for the past 7 years as owner and president of Frank A. Quatrino & Associates, LLC, has helped clients overcome legal issues through aggressive representation, strategic acumen, and practical advice. While the bulk of his work involves Criminal Defense, Quatrino also provides Divorce and Family Law Representation. This niche focus allows him to o  er each client personal attention in multiple fields.

“It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, I care about each and every case,” he says. “People call me on the worst day of their life. In many cases, it’s not as bad as they expect. Resolution may mean negotiating a plea agreement, which can minimize the damage and guarantee an outcome, or it might mean taking things to trial. Either way, I’m here to guide them through the process while easing their nerves. After a consultation, I want a client to feel more relaxed. An attorney should help someone through the process of their case both physically and mentally.”

Step by Step
Many of Quatrino’s clients are facing offenses based upon substance abuse, including drug possession and DUI charges. An experienced negotiator, he understands the value of presenting prosecutors with evidence of mitigation that the client is proactively addressing their addiction issues. By advising clients to undergo counseling, attend recovery programs, and do community service, he’s often able to provide them with better outcomes.

“My job isn’t to get my clients to take a plea bargain; my job is to give them options,” Quatrino explains. “If clients agree to the terms I advise they complete after their arrest, they can often avoid jail and walk away without a conviction on their record. For clients facing a felony charge, learning they could avoid a felony conviction through a negotiated disposition for a misdemeanor charge or first-offender probation provides peace of mind. Victory does not have to be defined by a not-guilty verdict. It is often securing a positive outcome by preparing for all the possibilities at trial while working towards a guaranteed result.

Selective, Sincere Service
Quatrino’s extensive negotiation skills also play a major role in Divorce and Family Law, where cases tend to be considerably more complex and emotional, involving everything from negotiating parenting time to obtaining child support or maintenance. No matter the practice area, he takes each case seriously and diligently provides exceptional service. “It’s important to me that I give every client the best representation I can,” Quatrino says. “While it can be quite demanding, I love my career and still have the mindset and hustle of a first-year associate; although I am 43 years old and have been practicing for 16 years.”